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  • Real Beauty Blender
  • Real Beauty Blender

Real Beauty Blender


Soft. Bouncy. Durable. Perfect for applying HD makeup.

Our BFF Real Beauty Blender is a no frills, high performance, edgeless makeup sponge. Professional makeup artists everywhere have found this an essential part of their kit. 

Instead of spending money on fancy packaging, we've spent our time having these rigorously tested. We've gone through three different revisions to bring you a beauty blender with the perfect density, hole structure and durability to make sure you get a flawless finish every time without using excessive product.

This sponge will last you up to 4 months of daily use.

Product Description:

  • Rigorously tested by makeup artists
  • Perfect hole structure and density to ensure soft application while still using minimal product once damp. 
  • Durable. Up to 4 months daily use with proper care.
  • Edgeless for a flawless finish.
  • Professional grade

Tips for using this product

Use for foundation, primers, concealer, powders, creme and powder blush and contouring. Begin by soaking the sponge before squeezing until it is merely damp, between your palms (scrunching up the Real Beauty Blender will shorten its lifespan).  It will have increased in size by roughly 50%.

Apply makeup as you normally would with a sponge using the large end for wide application, while the pointed tip is designed for spot application and aiding contouring.