Dropship Us

What is Dropshipping?

It's how we work with our suppliers to seamlessly send items ordered on our website or in our stores directly to our customers. Through collaborative relationships with suppliers like you, we give customers a wider selection with better value.

Benefits of Dropshipping to Us

  • By expanding your selection, you increase sales. Offering breadth and depth boosts brand visibility, awareness and revenue.
  • You drive incremental sales growth by improving turn and selling more warehouse items.
  • It adds another way to clear end-of-season goods.
  • We usually buy more from our Drop Ship suppliers—so if you start using Drop Ship, that doesn't mean we'll cut our total receipts.
  • The vast sales opportunities outweigh the initial investment.
  • We pay all the shipping fees, so you only have to pick and pack.

Want to join?

Our suppliers have indicated that dropshipping with us has had a positive impact on their sales revenue. If you would like to join our dropshipping program simply contact us at purchasing@mybff.shop