Taking a Hot Bath is Like Doing Exercise

Ladies, this is not click bait.
OK, it’s a little click bait-y, but, seriously. This is straight-up the laziest way ever to burn calories.
Taking a hot bath has similar effects to doing exercise. No joke.
A study at Loughborough University looked at the effect a hot bath had on blood sugar contral and calories burned compared to, say, a bike ride.
What they found was that sitting in a hot bath for an hour burned as many calories as a half hour walk.
They also found a 10% increase in blood sugar control and a reduction in inflammation.
If you don’t believe me read the study for yourself here.
So, do you remember in school, one of the basics of staying healthy was to go for a 20 minute walk per day? Well, you can forget the trainers and the bottled water.
Grab a towel, light some candles and jump in. I’m already there!
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